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Page Rank and Alexa Rating

Studies show that Internet is the first activity in the past 40 years that keeps people away from watching TV! Is your business online? If you answered “NO” – it should be, because your competition is! If you answered “YES” then “Is your website visible when you type in your keyword in Google or Yahoo?” And I mean visible on the first three pages? If your website is stuck on page 18 of 361,000,000 results returned you have wasted your time and money creating the website in the first place. At this point in the ball game, you should really think about Search Engine Optimization.


Creating multiple markers on Google Maps

Google and Bing maps have an interesting new feature – My Places. My places allows a person to create a custom Google map with multiple place marker locations. This feature is wonderfully useful for event planning, such as wedding ceremony – sharing map of wedding ceremony and reception with guests; or presenting all business locations for a franchise.


Top Five Considerations for SEO

Search Engine Optimization, a.k.a. SEO, is a process by which a website becomes visible on the search engine‘s radars. Considering the fact that there are over a trillion publicly accessible websites on the Internet, being visible when a potential customer performs a search on Google or Yahoo is crucial. If your website does not show up within first couple of pages of results, there is a very slim chance that the potential customer will be able to locate your website. This article presents five top SEO considerations.

When starting on the SEO journey, do not expect immediate results. Website’s position on the search engine is like cheese – as it gets better with time! When internet was in its infancy, there was no need to optimize the site for the search engines to see it. Back then a robot (a.k.a. search spider) was able to traverse all of the sites on the internet within few hours. Nowadays, the size of websites present on the Internet is measured in petabytes(PB)(next level up from terabytes) and it takes search engines at least 72 hours to go through and index the pages.

SEO is all about establishing necessary components for the website to become search engine friendly. It starts with every page on the website having meaningful title and description. It also involves having researched a list of keywords and selected the ones that pertain to the site’s content. After that it is a matter of submissions to the search engine queues and establishing link exchanges.

When considering hiring someone to perform SEO for your website make sure to spend the time and research the company. Here are the top 5 considerations: