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Creating multiple markers on Google Maps

Google and Bing maps have an interesting new feature – My Places. My places allows a person to create a custom Google map with multiple place marker locations. This feature is wonderfully useful for event planning, such as wedding ceremony – sharing map of wedding ceremony and reception with guests; or presenting all business locations for a franchise.


Website Content is a King

It is a common knowledge by now that “Content is King” on the Internet. Search engines index your website and bring visitors to it based on the content. Depending on quality of the content visitors can spend anywhere from sixty seconds to several hours on your website. The reality is that the content is one of the best ways to promote your business. So how do you generate quality content for your website? This article describes practical steps of establishing quality content supply for your website.


Shopping Cart Setup – 5 easy steps

It seems like everyone has a website with a shopping cart, you’d like to have one as well. Where do you begin? It can be a daunting task to set up a shopping cart. This article presents the five steps you need to go through to a have the smooth installation.


Selecting the Right Tool for the Database Project

As any person, who remodeled their home, will tell you that “choosing the right tool for the right job” makes all the difference. The same statement applies when choosing the right database for a project. Some databases are basic, some are “battery operated” and some are “mighty power tools.” Below is a guide on selecting the perfect database for the right project.

When you only need to store a limited amount of data and require a quick and easy development cycle, Microsoft Access is the right tool for you. It provides a powerful set of database and graphical user interface tools that allows the user to quickly organize, access and share information. Since Access is part of the Microsoft family of office products, it easily integrates with Excel, Word and SQL Server. In addition, it supports Open Database Connectivity (ODBC). However, if the database is going to hit 1GB threshold, you may encounter various performance issues, including slow response and record corruption. Microsoft Access is an equivalent of a Swiss army knife. Each part individually is not as impressive; however, when combined together, it produces an appealing solution.


e-Commerce Website Implementation

In 2016 total e-commerce sales reached an estimated 394.6 Billion Dollars. That’s an increase of 15.1% from 2015. It is now reported that 79% of Americans shop online. Of those people 51% use their cell phones from the link shared on social media. E-commerce is growing like wildfire and many entrepreneurs are getting online to sell their products.

There are numerous possibilities available to sellers, depending on the budget, business needs and goals. E-Commerce site can be launched with minimal investment using online website building sites such as WIX which is heavily advertised all over. However, when selecting “FREE” service ask yourself a question “How do they pay for TV and YouTube advertising while giving away their product for FREE?!” Reality is, it is free to get started, but they nickel dime you on monthly payments until you’ll be paying substantial car-worthy monthly payment. Worst of all, if you decide to transfer your website away from WIX you’ll have to start the work.